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Please redownload the new client from the website if you are having any connection issues.

09 JUNE 2023

We have added our old Pro CSGO Cheat back into the loader.  Please be aware that the VAC status of this cheat is unknown and it has been known to cause red trust so please use it at your own risk.  To remain undetected we recommend the “Lite Cheat”.

08 JUNE 2023

If the aimbot is not working in the Lite cheat, please disable “VIS CHECKS”.

Skin Changer update coming soon!

25 MAY 2023

Please be patient while we upgrade the website. If your cheats disappeared, please contact a staff member so they can issue you a new key on our new website.


  1. Make a payment.
  2. Download our hacks.
  3. Login with your email.
  4. Open CS2.
  5. Inject our cheat.
  6. Open the in-game menu with Insert/Delete.


  • Make sure steam is not in beta mode
  • Make sure CS2 is not in beta mode.
  • Make sure Steam overlay is working in game.
  • Right click our cheat and “run as admin”.
  • Uninstall antivirus that may block our cheat or protect the game.
  • Disable windows defender, firewall and smartscreen. Screenshots #1 #2 #3

Aimbot Instructions

  1. Choose a weapon preset (for example “Rifle”).
  2. Hover to the “KEY” selector in the aimbot menu.
  3. Press the key you want to use for the aimbot.
  4. Close the menu.
  5. Hold the key you just set while aiming to aimbot the enemy.

Aimbot Settings

Legit Settings – Set the smooth to a high setting, this will make the aimbot slower and less noticable.

Rage Settings – Set the smooth to 0 for an instant aimbot which is deadly but can raise suspicions.

FOV – Low FOV will allow the aimbot to target enemies near your crosshair while a high FOV will target enemies far away from your crosshair.