Global Settings

Visibility CheckAlters enemy targeting by indicating if they are visible through barriers, highlighting them accordingly.

Show TeamActivates the ability to see team members through walls.

Target TeamPermits the aimbot and triggerbot to consider teammates as targets, useful in specific modes.

Safe ModeHalts memory manipulation, impacting functionalities like changing skins, models, knives, and gloves.

Render SpeedManages the rendering pace of the menu and other elements. Slide right for high-performance PCs, left for slower systems.

Skin Changer

Alters the visual appearance of weapons, gloves, knives, and in-game models.

Select List – Choose among Gun Skins, Gloves, Knives, and Models.

Enabled – Enables the Skin Changer feature.


Recoil Compensation – Enhances recoil control while using aimbot.

X-axis – Manages recoil adjustment on the X-axis for each weapon (50% recommended).

Y-axis – Manages recoil adjustment on the Y-axis for each weapon (50% recommended).

Standalone RCS – Reduces recoil independently of aimbot or triggerbot.

Trigger when – Activates recoil control when ammunition is ready.

Compensate X-axis – Adjusts recoil compensation along the X-axis.

Compensate Y-axis – Adjusts recoil compensation along the Y-axis.

RCS Smooth X – Smoothens recoil management on the X-axis.

RCS Smooth Y – Smoothens recoil management on the Y-axis.

Recoil Crosshair – Adds a crosshair specifically for recoil management.

Exposure – Modifies the game’s brightness level.

Exposure Level – Regulates the extent of brightness or darkness adjustment.

Spectator List – Shows a roster of players observing your gameplay.

C4 Timer – Displays a countdown for C4 explosives.


Facilitates automatic aiming at adversaries, boosting shot precision.

Enabled – Turns the aimbot on or off.

Keybind – Assign a key for activating the aimbot during gameplay.

Target – Choose which part of the body (like the head, neck, or chest) to aim at.

Auto Switch – Targets a new enemy within the aimbot’s field of vision automatically.

Field of View – Enemies must be within this range to be targeted by the aimbot.

Draw Aim Spot – Marks enemy heads with a dot.

Smooth Level X – Sets aimbot movement speed along the X-axis (lower for quicker aiming, higher for more natural appearance).

Smooth Level Y – Adjusts aimbot movement speed on the Y-axis (lower for quicker aiming, higher for more natural appearance).

ESP (Wallhacks)

Enables players to spot enemies through barriers.

Enabled – Activates ESP.

Keybind – Select a key for enabling and disabling wallhacks during the game.

Visible Only – Displays only visible enemies.

Show Team – Applies wallhacks to both teammates and adversaries.

Bone ESP – Renders enemy skeletons.

Box – Encloses targets within a box.

Box Style – Alters the box’s appearance.

Gradient – Adds a gradient tint to box ESP.

Box Fill – Colors the interior of the boxes.

Drop Shadow – Appends a shadow effect to boxes.

Box Thickness – Modifies the border width of boxes.

Distance Fade – Diminishes ESP visibility with distance.

Fade Level – Manages the intensity of the fade effect.

Name – Displays the names of players.

Health – Exhibits health bars.

Weapon – Shows the weapons being carried.

Font Size – Adjusts the text size for ESP.

Field of View – Indicates the aimbot’s field of vision for adjustment.


Augments the default game radar for enhanced perception of enemy locations, offering a tactical edge.

Enabled – Turns on radar enhancements.

Overlay – Place it above the in-game radar and resize as needed.

Standalone – Can be moved freely on the screen.

Clip – Manages the positioning of radar elements.

Radar Size – Adjusts the radar’s dimensions.

Player Size – Modifies the representation size of players on the radar.

Show Team – Visualizes teammates on the radar as well.


Instantaneously fires when an enemy is under the crosshair, enhancing shot reaction time and accuracy.

Enabled – Switches the triggerbot on or off.

Keybind – Set a key to activate the triggerbot in-game.

Hitbox Selection – Choose the body part for triggerbot activation (like head for intense modes).

Recoil Compensation – Integrates recoil control with triggerbot.

Auto Fire – Fires automatically when an enemy is under the crosshair.

First Bullet Delay – Introduces a delay before the first shot.

Fire Delay – Sets a pause between consecutive shots.

Fire while moving – Determines whether the triggerbot shoots while in motion.


Config – Facilitates saving, loading, and sharing of configurations; includes a path for config storage.